Best Travel Luggage 2023

Are you looking for Best travel luggage? Or best travel suitcase? Or maybe Best suitcase for travel or Best luggage for long trips? You might be searching for all of these results, but we’ve the best list for you.

Because we know you’ve taken one week off from your boss to go on vacations, or you’ve taken some time off from your busy schedule to go on vacation. You grab your favorite outfit, pack your things up, and headed towards your favorite place. But your luggage ruins all of your swag, right?

A travel luggage can be your best friend when you areup for traveling because it carries your stuff and also represents you. No one wants to see a handsome/beautiful person with classy and swagy outfit but ruined luggage.

For that reason, we may present to you the best travel suitcase that’ll be in your budget and will suits you as well. But before buying, we want you to look at some points that would be helpful in finding the right product for you with ease.

Best Travel Luggage Product Reviews

After you’ve selected a product, now it is time to compare it with some other product and then choose the best one. You can go to product’s original store and check the reviews of their customers.

Reviews are helpful to some extent because online comments are not always true. So you have to keep it mind nothing can be made perfect and it must have its flaws as well.

But the important thing would be that you find a product which is most suitable for you at the time of need.

 Maybe you’ve selected a luggage which seems good for you is heavy which is hard for you to carry, or maybe soft, or maybe it is a backpack and with some research you can get a good wheel luggage.

When talking about suitcases there are so many types, like the wheel one, backpack, duffle bags and many more. With product research, firstly you’ll gain some knowledge. And secondly, you will get the best product.

 Products We Will Love To Recommend For You

Comparison table


Another soft side luggage that’ll benefit you in many ways, a classy suitcase with 22-inches of height that will help you to fit even more things as compared to the Beverly Hills.

Extremely compressible for the people who want to tortures the suitcase, although as every product has some pros and cons, same goes with this one.

Briggs and Riggs Baseline Domestic luggage is expensive and 2 wheelers which is not liked by some users.

But cons are covered by some good pros, a professional design with large capacity to fill every single thing in your suitcase. Although it is expensive and has only 2 wheels, but every penny is worth it here.


  • Large Capacity
  • Soft-sided
  • Highly Compressible
  • 22-inches in height


  • Expensive
  • Has 2 wheels


Next up on the list is Olympia Apache Li, affordable and stylish luggage that will boost you swag even more and also the best part is it is lighter on your wallet.

A strong structure and strong material zip, that will not cause problem if you have some zip problems in the past, 4-wheeler suitcase that will make easier for you to carry it. With this price range, it is a stupid decision to ignore this luggage.


  • Great design
  • Strong
  • 4-wheeler
  • Hard-side
  • Affordable


  • No lock included
  • Only one size


Next up on the list is Coolife Luggage Expandable, a great design like the other ones. But here we spice things up, Coolife is available in different sizes and the highest in the list is 28-inches which is expandable.

Also available in 20-inches, 24-inches, but only 28-inches is expandable. A lot affordable than the other ones, 4-wheelers for your comfort, 2 years of warranty, what else do we need?

Luggage like coolife are always worth the money, despite being the fact that the price ranges from 50-90$ but in this product, every penny worth it.


  • Great design
  • 28-inches
  • 4-wheeler
  • Expandable
  • Affordable
  • 2 years of warranty


  • Only 28-inches suitcases are expandable.
  • A bit expensive than the other Coolife suitcases.


You might be looking for some hard-side suitcases, but the majority of suitcases on our list are soft-side. So your sake we may present to you Samsonite Omni PC, a hard-side luggage that comes with a lock, slightly is expensive.

Talking about the warranty, comes with 10 years of warranty and when talking about the height, the height is 28-iches, Similar to the Coolife expandable luggage but here coolife takes on the lead when the price is compared.


  • Hard-side
  • 28-inches
  • 4-wheeler
  • Locks are included
  • 10 years of warranty


  • A bit Expensive


Now it is time for the style, quality, and health of your wallet. If you’re looking for luggage that can serve you the best and also is in your budget, then Kenneth cole reaction is definitely your go-for product.

With stylish design and affordable price which makes it even more worth buying, with lock system and variety of color, 4-wheeler luggage and 20-inches of height, and let’s not forget light weighted, that will make it easier for you to carry it.

Like every product has some cons and pros which make it attractive and un-attractive, so talking about pros and cons we have.


  • 20-inches in height
  • 4-wheeler suitcase
  • Comes with variety of colors
  • Great Design and strong structure
  • Light-weight
  • Lock included


  • Comes with only size i.e. 20-inches


So, you have so much to carry with you but you do not have enough space. What would be use of travelling if you would not be able to buy the beautiful products made especially in those visiting places where you are going to travel.

Well, worry not. We have Victorinix Spectra 2.0 hard case spinner suitcase for you. It is one of the best suitcases for long travels.

This suitcase is going to make your travel easier and comfortable. You would not have to be worry about the extra space that you need to carry your things because it provides you with 47% more packing capacity.

It is made up of 100% pure polycarbonate that will keep your suitcase safe from scratching and it is easily available in different sizes.

SO, what are you waiting for. Just click the link above and order your first brilliant suitcase for you. But first, let us talk about the pros and cons of this product.


  • It has 47% more packing capacity
  • Available in different designs, sizes, and shapes
  • It has dual-caster wheels which offer a smooth roll
  • It provides TSA locks
  • It is light weighted and easy to carry


  • A bit of expensive
  • The case is really hard making cracks in it sometimes

7. DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside

So now you want to travel but you have to take your technical accessories and your laptop with you. Boy, these things demand extra care to take for them while traveling. And how do you handle it.

Well, that is exactly why we are here. To keep you away from facing this problem also comes with a trolley with spinner wheels. What does it do for you?

It is a good traveling suitcase at an affordable price which comes under 100$. It gives you large space even you can fit a 15.6-inch laptop in the front compartment.

And it also comes with zipped pockets for you to keep your other technical accessories, toiletries as well as your tickets, passports and books for you to read during the travel.

Should we compare the pros and cons for this product? Well, here we go.


  • It gives you a safe space to keep your laptop
  • It has small pockets to keep last minute things of need
  • Modern design with deep metallic glossy finishes to make you feel really
  • Has double spinner wheels to take all the weight
  • It can be expanded by 2 inches
  • It is cheap to buy


  • The quality of suitcase is average
  • It does not have a great warranty


First on the list is Ricardo Beverly Hills, a stylish and classy suitcase for you that will match your stylish and also boost it. And if you’re a fan of soft side luggage then this luggage is the one for you.

A lightweight suitcase that is easier for you to carry it. Talking about the height, it is about 20-inches that will fit all of your stuff from cloths to accessories all in one thing,a 4-wheeled suitcase that will make it easier to carry or drag it.

Best travel luggage

Generally, lots of users love 4 wheels luggage because it is easier for the user to drag it or carry it as compare to the 2 wheeler luggages. Products like ricardo Beverly hills are worth buying.


  • Great Design
  • Easy to carry
  • 4 wheeler
  • Light-weight
  • 20-inches in height


  • Bad Customer Support

Buying Guide

There are some things that you must always keep in mind before you go to shopping for your travel luggage. Because they will save your time and money and you will end up buying the best product suitable for you.

  1. Know Which Product Pleases You

Knowing your taste when buying something is the most crucial thing you can do because if you don’t know your taste you know nothing.

 Same goes for the luggage, if you know your taste, then you’ve done half of the work. Some people prefers small luggage, some people prefer large ones, meanwhile some people prefer backpack and some prefers suitcase.

Everyone has their own taste, and if you don’t know your taste then now it’s definitely time for it and believe us it’s really going to help you a lot.

  1. Your Best Bud Internet

Internet is your virtual best friend when you’re going to buy something because internet open ups a thing like a book, all of its pros and cons.

 Things that are good and things are not, everything. And because of internet you’re here reading our article.

After knowing which product pleases you, now it is time for the internet research, or in luggage you’re going to know a lot from the internet.

Do keep patience while looking for the best product that you need because if you hurry, you might end up buying the wrong product for you. Internet provide you with a lot of options and you want to mess up things for you.

 So, do not let yourself confuse with so many options out there.

Do your research and do it calmly. 

  1. Be Like Turtle

You might have heard about the story of a rabbit and a turtle, now it is time to implement it in real life. Don’t be like rabbit who is hasty in everything, have some patience. Select a certain product and do some research about it and then go for it.

Doing some research can really open ups everything in front of you and also helps you find a good product in relatively low price.

Same goes for the luggage, whether if its best luggage for long-trips or best suitcase for travel, good research can help you find the best product, and also helps you find it in low price.

What Would I Choose If I Were You? 

Well, when I go on a trip I would always take my laptop and other accessories with me. They are must for me no matter wherever I go.

So I would choose DELSEY Paris Helium Aero Hardside for me to take.


Because it can keep my laptop and other small pocket things easily. Also, it is very cheap and affordable for me. I loved its design and the size is very good and be handle for a person like me who do not want to take responsibility of any burden.

What else you need now? 

Travelling is a kind of thing that makes your brain active for all kind of concerns, doubts, and fears. People usually want to know about what is going to happen during their travel to distant places.

And that leaves to discuss Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) now. We will tell you everything that you need to know before you start packing to embark on an amazing journey of your life.

Here are some common questions which everyone feels curious to know about.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question: Are trips physically demanding? 

Answer:  Well, if you are looking forward to involve some kind of trekking during your journey then you should be already prepared for this like you must have your trekking shoes with you. And if not, then there is nothing to worry about.

Question: What things should I always have with me during my travel? 

Answer: Here are some things that you should always take with you during a travel.

  • Your passport/visa.
  • Euros if you are travelling in Europe.
  • Water bottle.
  • A reading book.
  • Pair of socks.
  • A pair of towel.

Question: What items are not allowed in suitcases?

Answer: You should never ever pack in your checked luggage things like medications, laptops and other computer accessories, jewelry, Passports and other essential documents, passport, and electronics.

Question: What things I cannot take in my suitcase on a plane? 

Answer: There are some items which are prohibited to take during your travel on a plane. They include things like explosive items, any fuel, fireworks, lighters, paint thinners, spray paint, and bleach.

Question: What size of the suitcase I will be needing for my two weeks’ trip?

Answer: Medium sizedsuitcases to large sized suitcases are perfect for two to three weeks’ journey. These suitcases are around 75cm of height and can easily keep your all belongings for two to three weeks.

Question: How do I pack a lot of things in a small suitcase?

Answer: Well, there are so many techniques to balance your things within the suitcase like rolling your clothes while packing.

But there are some suitcases which are best to take large quantities in them because they have partitions in them (like many pockets) and they do not occupy a lot of space as well.

  • For that check out the products mentioned above and select the one that goes with your demand.

Question: Should I lock my luggage before going on a travel? 

Answer: Actually, Locked luggage does keep thieves away and keeps you safe from facing many common problems during your travel.

So it would be best if you have your suitcase locked. And in this case you would not have to be worried about your things going missing.

Question: Do airlines prefer hard or soft luggage?

Answer: Mostly, airlines do prefer soft luggage because of their easy handling. And they are comparatively less heavy.

Most travelers now a days prefer suitcases with spinner wheels. You can find this kind of suitcase among our mentioned products.

Question: What is the best size suitcase for international travels? 

Ans: Companies recommend ideal size of a suitcase for international travel would be around 22” x 9” x 14” or maybe less. Because this size is small enough to fit into an overhead compartment on most of the airlines.

Question: What should be the best size luggage for travelling to Europe? 

Answer: If you are going to a long travel then 25” would be the best size suitcase to take. You can also use a 28” size suitcase for a trip of two to three weeks at least. For smaller trips, less than 25” would do best for you.

Question: What should go into my carry on?

Answer: If you havea carry on with you on your short trip, then you should take the most essential and available in time things in it like a spare outfit, valuable things (laptop, mobile phone, hands free), toiletries, and fragile things like sunglasses and souvenirs.

Question: What is the exact luggage weight for international travel? 

Answer: Well, to be sure we say that the idea weight of your luggage should not exceed 62 inches (including three dimensions) or 157 centimeters for each piece. The maximum possible weight that is allowed for the total baggage is 32 Kgs or 70 pounds.

To Wrap it up 

Travelling is something that needs a proper planning before jumping into a ride. But at the same time it offers you to explore the world and learn and seek different and valuable things.

And this all can be done only when you have everything planned and ready so you might be able to spend most time in your adventures. That is why, you should be very careful in deciding in which luggage is suitable for you on a particular journey and what things to add in your luggage.

We suggest you to make a list of things you want to take with you. Then choose the best suitcase for travel to keep you a comfortable company. Manage your schedule, hop up on a ride and go for it. We wish you the best!

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