How many suitcases can fit in a RAV4: You must know

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to transport a lot of items and only have one vehicle? This is when it becomes important to know what size vehicle can hold the most luggage. With so many cars on the market, finding a car large enough for your needs can be tricky. To help you find out if a RAV4 will work for your needs, we’ve created this blog post with everything you need to know about how many suitcases can fit in a RAV4.

Today, we are going to discuss how many suitcases a RAV4 can carry. Keep reading!

Toyota RAV4: The Luggage/Suitcase Hero 

RAV4 or the Toyota RAV4 came up in the market as a compact SUV. But, over time, the size has grown big to become a full-size family car with such a design that is practical and provides more space. This SUV is a luggage hero.

With a capacity of 580 lt. luggage load extendable up to 1700 lt. (the magic!), the RAV4 can be your perfect partner for a family outing.

Whenever you purchase or rent a car for occasions like tours or camping, you must consider how many people it can carry and how much suitcases it can load on its back. When suitcases are the matter, RAV4 is one of the reliable choices. 

The suitcase capacity of RAV4 is very spacious. The vehicle is a five-seater with ample space for everyone, no matter how long the person is or the journey. RAV4 can comfortably carry five large suitcases and some extra bags too.

So, it is unnecessary to ask how much cargo it can carry. In terms of having a spacious trunk space, the Toyota RAV4 is a contender beyond comparison.

RAV4 General Specs

The Toyota RAV4 2020 is the 5th generation of RAV4 cars. Toyota boasts it as a comfort car. This car is one of the most fuel-efficient cars on the market.

RAV4 comes with a diesel and gasoline version. The mileage is quite impressive, 34-38 miles p/g. The new generation five comes with hybrid and full hybrid capacity.

This gives you the feature to reduce your fuel cost. One must understand that SUVs are not fancy sports cars, but your travel partner. For the same reason, the RAV4 is all about comfort and luggage space.

Sitting Capacity of RAV4

The Toyota RAV4 can accommodate 5 people comfortably. All the passengers get enough space to stretch their foot not matter which row they are on.

The car is designed to carry people comfortably whatever the distance is, like a family outing, long trip, and holiday trip. Over time, the RAAV4 has expanded to carry more people with more comfort.

how many suitcases can fit in a RAV4 or Suitcase Capacity of RAV4: 

As mentioned earlier, you do not need to worry about the suitcase capacity of RVA4. It can carry more suitcases than you need.

Though the maximum luggage capacity of the car is 5 large suitcases, the actual scenario may surprise you. The suitcase capacity depends on how many passengers are there and how much luggage you need.


If you know the following topic, you can know how many suitcases can fit in a RAV4. Now I discuss more.

The Boot 

The boot of the RAV4 is capable of carrying 4 big size suitcases or 5 standard size suitcases. The boot of the RAV4 has 37.5 cubic feet of space that can be expanded up to 69.3 cubic feet after the rear seats are folded.

The standard weight capacity is 580 liters and 1690 liters with the rear seats folded. The boot space comes with an under-floor space to store rough things that catches more dust or dents.

Every RAV4 has a hammock-like net that can carry small items that require quick pickups. The net is completely removable. 

Suitcase Capacity: Without the Rear Seats Folded

The RAV4 can capacitate 5 standard size suitcases or 4 max size ones. Yes, you have read it right! The suitcase capacity is amazing.

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You can even place two (2) carry-in around the free space of the suitcases. Moreover, some small items like baby bags, small boxes can be placed over the suitcases. This space is sometimes compared to the overhead compartment of an aeroplane.

You can carry a big baby buggy and your golf clubs without having any worries about tight space. They can beautifully sit in back there when you drive and see the sight.

Suitcase Capacity: With the Rear Seat Folded 

The RAV4 has the option to completely fold the rear seats. This gives you the capacity to load more suitcases than ever.

If there are two passengers including the drive but need more things to pack up, you can just fold the rear seats to create more space. Toyota promised that its new RAV4 would be able to carry a mountain bicycle without removing its wheels.

The RAV4 can really do that. Moreover, you can carry up to 8 suitcases if the rear set is folded. A big box like the size of a big TV with two average size boxes towering over the big box can be carried easily.

As all three seats at the back are individually foldable, you can fold whichever seat you need. This option gives you the facility of more people and more luggage. Say, you need a long fishing gear but you do not want it folded. What you do is just fold one of the rear seats and relax. 

The Under-floor Space: Place for Spares 

The RAV4 comes with an under-floor space so that you do not have to put your space tire hooked behind your car. Yes, you can just place your extra tire, spare parts, toolbox or things that are dusty and dirty and you do not want them to get mixed with your other neat things.

Other Spaces 

There are other small spaces in different sections of the SUV. There bottle holder in between the seats, spacious nets behind the seats to hold small items like a water bottle, your notepad, or even your iPad. The driver’s area has places where you can place your cards, water bottle under the bonnet and coffee mug holder beside the driver.

Final Thought 

Carrying suitcases can become a hassle for a family tour. If you choose the right vehicle and the right size of suitcases, things can be easy. The RAV4 has the thing that a family need when they are worried about their luggage. Large luggage area, ample space for passengers and comfortable holiday that what the vehicle offers.

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