8 Easy Methods On how to make your luggage stand out

Do you know how to make your luggage stand out in crowded places?  When we travel somewhere we have to maintain a certain time.  We have to scan our luggage when we enter a secluded place outside the country.

 If the color of your luggage is black or red-blue then you will not find the luggage quickly because these are common colors.  In this article we will talk about a number of things that you can easily recognize at the first sight of your luggage.  Let’s start the methods one by one ..

How to make your luggage stand out in crowded area

Method 01: Choose the unique luggage color

When you decide to buy a luggage, you choose the color of your choice.  Right?  Did you know that this is a wrong decision?  I think you are surprised.  Most of us have a common preference.  We mostly like white, black, blue luggage.


how to make your luggage stand out

Even I like blue luggage.  If you travel outside the country you may have very little time on your hands.  In this short time you will have to find your luggage, when you scan at the airport.  

It’s really hard to find.  Because many people like you use seam luggage.  So our suggestion is to choose a color that very few people use.  Such as: red, brown, green.  You can mark these colors at first glance.

Method 02: Mark your luggage

Very few people do not want to mark their luggage so when they face this problem they think of marking.  You can use any red rope or ribbon so that you can mark your luggage at first sight.  

This is a very popular and old technique.  You can also write your name on your luggage with a marker.  If the luggage is black, use white or red markers.

Method 03: Apply stickers of your choice

There are some stickers that enhance the beauty of the luggage and you can recognize your luggage from a distance.  You can make these kinds of stickers from any printing shop. 


how to make your luggage stand out

You can also buy from various ecommerce shops.  Spending $ 2- $ 3 will allow you to purchase a pretty good sticker.  You can recognize your luggage at first sight from a distance.

Method 04: Use thick tape

You can use different types of tape in your luggage.  Certainly not a white tape.  Belts or tapes of various designs are available which are specially made for luggage. 


how to make your luggage stand out

You can use these types of tapes if you wish.  If you use belts, you can easily keep them open.  And you can throw away the tapes at the end of the work.

Method 05: Painting on luggage

Many people use customized luggage which is very expensive.  If you wish, you can buy a color yourself and paint it as per your choice.  

how to make your luggage stand out

This will reduce your costs and make it look much pretty.  If you want to paint at a lower cost, there are many companies that will paint your luggage at a lower cost.

Method 06: Tie a bright colored fabric

Scarves made of cloth are now available in the market which are very bright to look at.  These types of scarves are eye-catching at first sight.  You can collect this type of scarf at very low cost if you wish.  You can also create your own.  

how to make your luggage stand out

If you have little knowledge, you can easily make a scarf.  Be sure to try a brightly colored scarf.  In addition to scarves, you can use high quality ribbons.  This ribbon costs 1- $ 2.  So these ribbons will help you save money.

Method 07: Try a handle grips

If you want a bag where you can keep a water bottle and it will also be used as an indicator then you can try a handle grips.  You can get a nice handle grips by spending 5 USD.  

how to make your luggage stand out

However, it may be a little more expensive.  It all depends on the quality of hand grip you are choosing.  About 33% of people love to use this type of handle grips.

Method 08: Try a weird luggage

If you want to recognize your luggage without any confusion, then use a kind of weird luggage.  E.g. bread shape, apple shape etc.  This type of luggage will not escape anyone’s eyes.  So you can try using this kind of luggage.

how to make your luggage stand out

 Final word.

 If you don’t recognize your luggage well while traveling, you are at risk of damage.  Everyone should be careful for this.

 In this article we have already told you how to make your luggage stand out.  If you know more tricks, give everyone a chance to know by commenting.  Thank you for being with us.

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