How to Measure Luggage Size: a Comprehensive Guidelines in 2021


Have you worried about how to measure luggage size? Or, what size is the best choice for your next tour?

Don’t take so much stress. It is not very easy to ensure checked-in & carry-on suitcase sizes within a sudden. But, not impossible.

First, find a measuring tape to calculate the luggage height, deep, and weight correctly. According to the travel’s requirement size, you should appoint that size of bags. 

Would you learn more?

You have to visit our full article for understanding details. In the text, first, we talk about what to consider before taking measurements. Then, present comprehensive guides to measure your luggage size easily and more info on this matter.

What to Consider Before Taking Measurements?

No one can avoid the airline requirement such as inches in height or weight restriction for carry-on baggage or carry-on-luggage from one place to another place. So, before taking the measurement, as a smart traveler, you should follow some consideration steps:


First of all, you evaluate the airline laws of the carrying bags because different airlines offer particular sizes of baggage to carry-on. It is not tough to find the correct information on this matter. 

Just go through the airline company’s website and check the hand baggage and luggage restrictions. Be sure you discover here to update information. So, stop visiting any third-party website. They don’t deliver you up-to-date data.


Now, select the luggage according to the airline’s website requirement size or luggage dimensions. If you have to extend your bag later, you can purchase zipper system bags that don’t open but extend around the edges. Don’t forget to measure it when unzipped.


Believe it or not, retailers don’t always provide you actual measurements. So, re-check the retailer’s website where you find the list of complaint bags and carry-on airline bags. Then, make a decision. Before going to the airport, you should measure the luggage at home.


Before packing, measure the empty suitcase. Then, pack every necessary with confidence. Now, it is time to re-measure your bag. Try to fulfill the airline’s ordinances.

How To Measure Luggage Size With Ease but Effectively.

As a stylish traveler, you know the importance of measuring the luggage size to move airlines. Holiday trip or business tours or any other purpose, you have to hold a suitcase and handbag. So, it is a common question of every traveler, how to measure luggage size. 

how to measure luggage size


Now, we share here some tricks and tips to solve this problem completely.

  1. Measure the full height, Length, and Depth 

Different luggage requires several shapes and sizes, we know. First, it is important to measure the full height of the bad top to bottom. Don’t miss to add its handles, wheels, or other including plastic parts. Then, measure the total length and depth of your suitcase. 

Now, the question is how to measure the height, length, or thickness properly?

To measure properly, collect a measuring tape. Some airlines recommend using only centimeter or linear inch measurement. So, you have to confirm before doing this job.

Next, seat your luggage on the ground for measuring ground to top height and carrying handle. You can avoid the suitcase pull-out handle while assessing.

When you calculate the length, you have to include several pockets and wheels. This is the largest part of measuring your suitcase. 

Remember, while gauging the height of wheels to top of the handle or bottom to wheels, you can stand it for one end to another end measurement.

  1. Measure the inner Depth from back to front 

Depending on the luggage inner depth, edge-to-edge height, and width, you can keep your clothes & other necessary aspects. First, you have to fully open the bag and measure from back to front. Or, estimate from the room where you keep your clothes to extra zip and pockets. By using a normal measuring tape, you can easily calculate the edge to edge width and depth of the suitcase’s inner part.

  1. Calculate the luggage weight or  How do you calculate luggage size?

To calculate the weight of the luggage is another important thing to carry outside or abroad. There are no specific requirements for measuring.  You can use a regular scale or luggage scale. But, check the scale before standing on the bag. 

Now, fill your bag including fundamental items, and pack for carrying-on the airline. After packing, calculate the total weight of it. Try to adjust the weight according to the airline rules that help you to protect against nasty fees.

Finally, the measurement is dependent on the luggage’s average height, length, and depth consideration. This is because we explain-

Height x Length x Depth = Quantity of Suitcase size

Alternatively, the sum of the bag’s height, length, and width is called linear inches or linear dimensions. If the airline suggests carry-on up to forty-five linear inches bags, you can choose 20+10+9=39 inches luggage.

What is the perfect size of luggage for international travel?

The perfect size is sure of the airline’s restriction, we mentioned. But, from our team investigation, we designate that the standard size of international travel is perhaps  22″ × 9″× 14″ or less. Most of the airlines allow this measurement size baggage. Comparing European carry-on bags measures is smaller than the US domestic carrying sizing. 

From another source, we find that the precise size of any international suitcase is approximately 27″ ×21″ ×14″. Size is conditional on the weight limit. The typical weight is fifty pounds were International travel permits for carrying sixty-two linear inches (23kg weight) of luggage.


People who love to travel here and there have to struggle to pick the right size of luggage. Even they might consider the airline’s limitation size to avoid extra fees. From the numerous bags’ shape and size, you feel uneasy to calculate appropriately.

By the way, we have instructed all details on how to measure luggage size with ease. Be sure you get the correct measurement by following our overall guidance. 

how to measure luggage size?

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How to Measure Luggage Size: a Comprehensive Guidelines in 2021
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